[Talk Tip Tuesday] Blue Dawn Dish Soap

01.19.2021 …. We all have it in our home: Blue Dawn Dish Soap. You notice this is many DIY recipes, featured as many Pinterest ‘Pins’, and also go to photos in our phone. We want to hear from you. What do you use this common household item for ?

Reader Comment Uses

The Rader Media & Marketing “Gifting For Women” group chimed in on their favorite uses of this household product back in April. Here are some of their favorites :

  • Stains out of my kids clothes
  • dog baths
  • I use it once a month with my shampoo to remove build up
  • mixed with Windex … Ring cleaner. Best if you heat it up in microwave for about a minute
  • I like to make a paste with baking soda and scrub the tub. Then I put vinegar in the microwave and “rinse” the shower with it. Smells so fresh!
  • I use it to get baby poop out of clothes/sheets/blankets when we have blow outs
  • Husband uses it as hand soap. He’s a mechanic. It works better than the orange goop stuff.
    We also use it on our pups when their flea meds arrive late, kills em quick.
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