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UPDATED: 01.22.2021

200 pairs being shipped to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
100 pairs going to Sullivan County Foster Care
1,578 to Riley Children’s Hospital

Cara’s High School Career sock total – 2,478

Just weeks before Cara Gofourth started her freshman year of high school at Sullivan, she lost her very best boy, Luke Jones, to brain cancer. During treatment and hospitalization, Cara loved to buy him all kinds of crazy socks to wear to brighten his days.

Cara created “The sock box” right before Christmas in 2017. This box was placed outside the library at Sullivan High School. She asked students to bring in fun socks to be donated to Riley Children’s Hospital in memory of Luke. Her first year, she collected 100 pairs of socks to donate. The second year yields 200 collected pairs. During the third year of collection, socks began showing up in the mail from all over and the box at school was stuffed. Cara’s junior year brought in 300 pairs.

It is now Cara (and Luke’s) senior year. Her goal was to collect 400 pairs this year – which would would bring her high school career total to 1,000 pairs! The deadline to donate is December 31. You have two options to donate: 1) Order from her Amazon Wish List (where they ship directly to her home) or 2) If you live in the Sullivan Area, you can donate at the Attendance Office at Sullivan High School. Can you assist in helping her reach her goal ? I am told, as of 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 8, she is 340 pairs away from a high school career goal of TWO THOUSAND (2,000) socks. Let’s keep that SMILE and dedication of bringing lots of LOVE in memory of Luke. #LiveLikeLuke

Story by Heather Rader

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