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01.12.2021 …
By Kevin Rader

Having faith is one thing.  Practicing is quite another but it’s been said you can’t have a testimony without a test.  Amy Force knows all about that.  She was a single mother when she started her career as a hairdresser.  A tough assignment knowing the hours that both require but she had something else.  The faith of a mustard seed.  So that is what she named her small boutique.  

She made a promise to herself in the beginning.  If the business was successful she would remember where she came from and use part of those profits to help struggling single mothers.  She admits being too proud to ask for help.  More than once she recalls paying her utility bill on the day it was scheduled to be shut off and a couple of times she didn’t make it. Because of that even to this day she admits, she has to pay her utility bill in cash or debit.  So knowing how bad 2020 was for so many she vowed that 2021 the payback would begin.  

She now has a revolving fund of $300 at the Linton Utility office.  That amount is to be applied to a single mother who is working full time but not making ends meet.  The only requirements are simple.  Your children must live with you at least 50% of the time.  You must be working outside the home and of course struggling pay the bills.  Amy says beginning this month, every month for the entire year, the utility office will select a single mother in need.  That is where the decision will be made.  She doesn’t want to know who she helps. Why you ask?  It has something to do with the faith of a mustard seed. It says in Matthew chapter 17 verse 20, “If you have the faith no bigger than a mustard seed.  You will say to that mountain, move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”  You won’t find any mountains in Linton or Greene County.  That’s because people like Amy Force are moving them.

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