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We all know the holidays are supposed to be about the memories.  Holiday movies, traditions, Christmas lights, candlelight worship, not to mention the shopping but Brandon Kearns has found a way to slow it all down.  It all started six years ago.  He wanted to do something special with his then two-year-old daughter Mia. So he did.  

2020 – Photo Courtesy Brendan Kearns

He packed a table and set up a special tea for two along the Wabash River in Terre Haute.  That first time date back on December 22, 2014 has now evolved into an annual Christmas tradition.  The two have not missed a year.  Today eight-year-old Mia and her father packed up their tradition and unpacked it once again in their favorite spot.  

Kearns says he chose the spot because he often would take pictures along the river.  Everyone else had a holiday party to attend but since he was working as a nature photographer he did not, so he decided to create one. Mia says she enjoys picking out a special outfit for the picture.  They want to make sure when they look back they are not wearing the same thing. She has also taken on the task of setting up the table.  

Kearns says this is by far the most favorite Christmas tradition and he looks forward to doing it every December 22nd at noon.  It’s a chance to talk and exchange gifts.  So far the weather has not hampered things and it didn’t again today.  So the work party along the Wabash has become so much more.  It’s tea for two.

Photos Courtesy of Brendan Kearns (Self-Timed)
Feature by Kevin Rader

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