Falling Water

September 1, 2020

It’s hard to comprehend.  You see it but you can’t believe it.  Can’t believe someone would have the daring to build it but someone did.  Not just anyone.  Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was hired to design a weekend retreat for the Kaufman family in 1935.  They envisioned a home with a view of Mrs. Kaufman’s favorite waterfall.  Wright decided instead to put their home right on top of it.  He said he wanted to not just give the Kaufman’s a view of the waterfall, he wanted to make the waterfall a part of their lives. The Kaufman’s decided to get opinions from some of the leading architects in the country at the time.  They all said the same thing.  Don’t build it.

But they did anyway and moved into it in 1937.  There is so much to like when you walk through this house which opened as a museum in 1964 but when you walk out on the terrace and see and hear the waterfall below you, you get a sense of Wright’s intention of integrating humans, architecture and nature.

He must have succeeded because 150,000 people tour Falling Water annually.

We should give you one warning.  It is a difficult place to leave.

{Falling Water is located in Mill Run, Pennsylvania}

© Kevin Rader
Photos and Video © September 2019 | Heather and Kevin Rader
Due to Falling Water Policies, no indoor photography is permitted.

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