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07.20.2020 – Bull Fries

Eustis, Nebraska located in Frontier County has a population of 401 according to the 2010 census.  Could be a few more or less by now but one thing never changes.  The food at the Eustis Pool Hall.  People come from all around to this down-home pub to enjoy the menu and the atmosphere.  The nachos are a family favorite but on this day something else caught our attention.  The Bull fries.  Seemed everyone at our table knew what they were except me and I was just stupid enough to ask.

There were no shortage of volunteers ready to tell their stories but the waitress story was the most telling.  She looked at me with a look that said you have got to be kidding when she asked, “Haven’t you ever been to a branding?”  I didn’t know quite how to respond to her.  I mean I grew up in rural Nebraska, but I had to admit I have never been to a branding.  So now I was trying to decide if I should admit that when she continued.  “You know they just cut them off and throw them in the bucket to soak.  They are delicious.”  Now I knew the gig was up.  There is a reason I don’t play poker.  I had to fess up.  No I had never been to a branding.  The look I got from the early 20 year-old waitress hovered somewhere between cynicism and disdain.  Seriously this grown man who says he grew up here has never been to a branding or tasted, you know, Bull Fries?

I know your next question.  No I did not and no I never will.  I’m branded for life as an outsider, unless someone talks me into going to Clay City, Indiana in April for the ‘Testicle Festival’.

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