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08.28.2020 … He has done so much for so many that so many decided they should do something for him.  You see the folks in Spencer, Indiana wanted to help 2 1/2 year old Alexander Chambers celebrate his birthday.  It was actually last March but Covid-19 pushed back his celebration to June. But by the looks of the video the whole town turned out and with good reason.

Video Courtesy of the Family

He was first admitted to Riley Hospital two days after he was born and then underwent the first of two open heart surgeries when he was just a month old.  He has since undergone a second heart surgery and six more minor surgeries.  But every time he checks in at Riley Hospital he makes sure everyone else is taken care of.  His parents Jim and Christine Chambers from Spencer bring a car load of toys for all the kids at Riley with them.  They estimate Alexander has been at Riley at least 10 times.  The community helps donate the gifts because they know Alexander will get them to the people who need them the most.  The Chambers were so appreciative of what Riley was willing to do for Alexander’s two sisters when he was a patient. They gave them the same toys they gave him, helping to make sure they felt included.

But on this day it was all about Alexander.  

Melanie Lighter from “Creative Care Concepts” decided Alexander needed his first big boy haircut so she set up shop outside to keep him safe from germs.  Then he was all ready for the big parade.  So Alexander and his two older sisters Eliza, age 7, and Isabella, age 4, all got to enjoy the festivities together right outside their front door.  The parade included police, fire, friends and citizens of a community that wanted to be a part of Alexander’s big day.  

I have been there to see for myself when the Alexanders wheeled up the little Red Riley Wagon and filled it to the brim with toys (See WTHR January 2020 feature here). It is their way of making sure they don’t just focus on themselves.  They see the big picture and their place in but on this day the community of Spencer embraced them for all they have been through and all that they do for others.

(Photos and Video : Courtesy of the Family)

Story by :: Kevin Rader, President
Rader Media & Marketing LLC.

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