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So many are sharing their stories of love, hope, loss, and the spirit of giving with others. I see so many in this group that I have known for years and others that are quickly becoming wonderful acquaintances and friends. You can give a little or give a lot. The most important thing is lifting each other up — on days of gloomy weather, long work days and weeks, celebrations and sadness. These Random Acts of kindness with others has made their way all across the United States as the group has continued to grow.

You receive a box in your mailbox from someone in the group who has chosen to shop from your Amazon Wish List. Your Wish List can contains items you use every day, or ‘wants’ of things you might not wish to purchase for yourself.

So, how do you get started ?
What is and is not acceptable ? Etc.
Read on as I will try to break it down in a number of quick tips.

Step 1: Create and Amazon Wish List.
You do NOT have to be an Amazon Prime member; however, many are joining Prime JUST to receive the Free Shipping and Free Returns benefits. (There IS a 30-day trial, if you wish to test it out first).

For those who have an account:
Go to to www.amazon.com and sign in to your account. Go to “Your Account” tab and select “Your Lists” from the drop down menu.

(Photo Below) Click on the THREE Dots and a drop down menu pops up. Click on “Manage Lists”

Then you will have the following pop up:

Be sure to enter steps with your information
Follow through steps with your information

After you get through this step,

Be sure to search for items that you wish to add to your list.
Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Be sure to have a variety of priced items
  • The more items you have priced $1-10, the higher your chances are to receive
  • Know that just because your have items on your list, there is no guarantee you will receive these

Make sure your read the group rules below to see how this works.

IN order to effectively be in this group, the best way to start is to post a little introduction as to why YOU wish to be involved. Some keep it short and sweet. Others like to go into details as to why your joined. The MAIN thing you MUST do is ask for a specific audience to comment (i.e. where are all the sports moms ? anyone battled breast cancer ? who LOVES to cook and what is your favorite dish ?? ))

Invite your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else to this group and watch it grow. DO NOT blast to your entire friends list (as this automatically adds them to the page). There are three security questions that

How to share your link in a post (where permitted):

Reminder: WHEN You post your link, anywhere in the group, please make sure to post some text as to not get blocked. You may end up having to take a break (as in photo to the right).

You can post every now and then. Just keep in mind not to post to appear ‘needy’. The more creative you get with your posts, the more people will want to follow you.

Purchasing Items:
You sort through lists, upon lists, etc. and choose what you wish to buy. Once you located an item, be sure to add to cart and then checkout.
(It is advised to do one purchase at a time (OR your entire shopping cart will go to one person).

—- When you get to the ‘Gift Receipt’ item, this is totally up to you whether you include your name, or to remain anonymous. The goal is to share a piece of your heart without any expectation in return (including thank yous, gifted back, etc).

Follow Ups:
When you receive items, many choose to take a photo and place online with a small thank you. It is also encouraged, IF you do so, to post the link to the items received in your text, as well, as some may want to add that same item to THEIR wishlist.

We want to see how this group is spreading #RandomActsofKindness to #GrowInLove.

Don’t forget to share the love.

Tutorials, Announcements, Out of Office (response times) and more may be found in the ‘Post Topics’ section at the top of the page. To locate these search for this in the menu:

Facebook Live Events:
These are not to show myself in front of the camera. IN fact, I do not plan on being on camera (little to at all). But, these will be events to do women check in, to make announcements, to answer questions, announce exciting NEW items, and more. Watch for postings of events on the page. You can always do a replay at a later date.

This page will update, and update often in the event there are issues, etc.
DO contact me with questions AND Thank You SOOOO much for joining. #GrowInLove

Real Comments from a sampling of our members

  • “This group means connecting with other women, supporting one another & giving when you feel led to”. ??
  • “Lifting each other up on the good and bad days even when you don’t know each other if it’s to gift or to just talk and release built up stress and anxiety”.
  • ” It’s great to know your not alone! As a stay at home mom of 3 littles it gets lonely and having people who can relate or even vent some things to is great❤️. So much positive energy on this group that it always gives my some happiness no matter how bad of a day” ❤
  • “This group means a connection that I don’t otherwise get outside of work and home. I don’t really have many people I do things with so this gives me an outlet to talk about the mundane!️”
  • “It’s nice to know that no matter how one of us feels there is another woman going through exact thing. We are here for each other. I’ve made several new friends. I love this group.”
  • “To me this group is my calming place, my place to go for advice from other women and mothers. A place to support one another and just be there for each other. This group has opened my heart to see the kindness in others”.
  • “This group is amazing for all the support each and every women have for one another”. ♥️
  • “I love connecting with other women. I have a hard time connecting with people in my day to day life so it’s nice to know I’m not alone in a lot of how I feel. I also love brightening others day. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to making the world a better place”.
  • “This group has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone. It’s so much easier talking and having conversations with such lovely and special women. It just makes my day when I get conversations back”
  • “…what this group means to me is it’s very amazing because we need more people uplifting ladies because we never know whose feeling down or just not their self. It’s not even about the gifts. It’s about being there for one another even if it’s just listening or giving advice. This group is amazing I love it. Thank u ladies for helping build others up”.
  • “I love to put a smile on people’s face when they are having a bad day! Being able to send someone the littlest thing lets them know that they are not alone .. this group gives an endless amount of wonderful women. It brightens my day to read all the uplifting messages and seeing how everyone rally’s together to give advice when it is needed”?
  • “I love this group because I can come here when I’m having a down day and get encouragement! I love being able to connect with other women because I usually stick to myself! I have always loved giving/helping others and in this group I feel like I can make someone’s day better by gifting whether it be by small talk, a compliment or a physical gift!”
  • “Helps me through some tough days reading everyone’s posts and responses … love giving gifts to woman who need a pick up!!!” ???
  • “I love this group! It has brought so much joy to me, just seeing women so grateful for some of even the most minimal of gifts. I’ve been gifted and I’ve gifted. I was thrilled a pure stranger would think of me and I them. I just love having a group to go to that is positive, uplifting and helpful. I’m tired of all the political and negative posts I see on Facebook and this brings in so much good. It has brought some joy back into my life, since my mom died”. ?
  • “This group is so great. To see women praising women, helping women, and supporting women. This needs to happen everyday everywhere. Sure it is nice to receive gifts but the feeling when someone is just nice, gives you a compliment, gives you advice or gives you support. WOW” ??❤️

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