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Gifting For Women began on January 27, 2020. Little did we know that six shorts weeks later, Covid-19 would halt many businesses across the United States. During this pandemic, many have looked for ways to add income by starting small businesses. Others chose to market their direct sales businesses in a new light.

One of the rules with the Gifting Group was NOT to share business links. And I thank ALL of you for following this guideline. However, moving into 2021, there are new opportunities. Rader Media & Marketing if offering those who have small businesses the opportunity to advertise (not only to in the Gifting Group, but, on the Rader Media & Marketing platform as well). For as little as $0.50/day, you can advertise your business to not only the 6,300+ group members, but, also to those that visit the Rader Media website (approximately 6,000+ hits per month) to showcase your craft.

SO how does this work ?

If you are interested, you would need to send a message to with your name, phone number, and applicable website and/or facebook links. Include your business name and 3-4 images of the products you sell. Once approved, you have two options: 1) Pay $10/month or $100/year (a $20 savings if paying ahead) to have your links placed on THIS Rader Media & Marketing website. or 2) Pay $15/month or $150/year (a $30 savings if paying ahead) and have BOTH advertising rights (website advertising AND opportunity to share your business links in the Gifting Group on ‘Small Business Saturdays’). Option 2 gets you the possibility of marketing your business to over 12K (combined hits) to advertise your business.

Many might ask, what is the catch ? There is none. You pay $10 or $15 per month (OR pay ahead to save) to have me blast your business on our social media and website platforms. AND there are many other opportunities for you (as well) as add ons to assist your business grow. These include: Professional headshots, One-On-One interviews with video, Facebook LIVES, business card printing discounts, banners, and more. ALL of these give you extra hits on the social media and website platforms.

Thank YOU for #GrowingInLove.

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